• White Lamp Showcase
  • Model 001 Cupcake
    Child Friendly | Low Voltage | 2yr Warranty
    What's not to like
  • Model 002 Plane
    Low Power LED | +20,000hrs Rated
    A++ power rating | Cool
  • Model 001 Cupcake
    Hand crafted | Hand painted | Inspired
  • Model 001 Cupcake

2021 Clearance Sale : End of line stock Clearance

All lamps discounted by 50-60% for our end of line sale. The last chance to purchase these exclusive limited edition lamps.

2021 Clearance Sale : End of line stock Clearance

All lamps discounted by 50-60% for our end of line sale. The last chance to purchase these exclusive limited edition lamps.


Payment Options

2yr Warranty

Market leading 2 year warranty.

14-Day Returns

14 day no quibble returns policy.

Our lamps are hand made, influenced by soft colours of nature...

  • Our lamps are initially modelled in clay, so you can expect the surface to be uneven in a lovely hand crafted way.
  • The resulting moulds are then hand baked and hand painted so you will notice a significant variation in colour/texture/shadows even between the 2 same styles.
  • At night, in particular in our "nightsky blue" lamps (where we exploit air bubbles to give a lovely starry effect) you may see some air bubbles.
  • And varying flows and thickness of the material that results in lovely shades that only show up at night when lit. The lamp's "fingerprint".
  • For the finishing touch, our lamps are hand painted.
  • Combined these effects deliver the level of simple charm and high quality that represents our brand.

  • ...this level of craftsmanship ensures each lamp is unique to you. Perfectly imperfect. Just like nature.

    Instruction leaflet and warranty card.

    Our lamps are all sold with their own unique serial code and barcoded help links on the base. Instruction leaflet in 4 languages, warranty card and energy label.


    Our lamps at night.

    At night the handmade character of our lamps comes to life.

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    Who are we?

    A family run business out of Belgium, with 10 years experience in selling gift lamps, now releasing our own range.

    Chapter One.

    Living in the UK in 2000 we bought a lovely bedroom lamp for our first born, the lamp was so popular we kept buying the style for friends and family.

    So we bought some stock and started a website called little-ideas, trading under our family business NewIQ, as a UK reseller of a range of children's lamps.

    In 2007 with business maturing, and a move to Germany, the website evolved to littlelampcompany.com and we expanded into supplying retailers and distributors.

    Chapter Two.

    In 2016, after 10 wonderful years selling another manufacturer's brand, on their retirement it was the natural time to strike out ourselves.

    By now bursting with design ideas we set about standing up our own brand, pulling on our experience and working to develop a high quality product.

    We have a fantastic team of artists and designers, high quality European manufacture and low power components, to bring our hand crafted designs to life.

    Chapter Three.

    So what began life as a modest retail website, is now revitalised as our very own new brand.

    Assembled and warehoused here in Belgium.

    Contemporary Designs | High Quality | 2yr Warranty

    littlelampcompany.com | a brand from NewIQ BVBA | Neervelden 26 | 2930 Brasschaat | Belgium | BE0837700116.

    A big thank you to our artist, production and assembly teams across 3 countries. A special thanks to local photographer Isolde Goossens for capturing our designs so beautifully ...

    © 2020 littlelampcompany.com
    |   our photographer Isolde  |
    A NewIQ brand | BE 0837700116